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Precision Horse Training LLC

Dr Mitch Benson has been the primary veterinarian at Precision Training LLC for the past 8 years.  Having a qualified veterinarian part of our team is a huge reason for our success. I am able to contact him at any hour, day or night, with the needs of any horse under Precision Training’s care.  Not only is he a fabulous veterinarian with years of knowledge and expertise; his honesty, integrity and professionalism are the reasons why he is a valuable part of our team. 


Not only is he great with the horses, he is fabulous with the clients.  


Christine Boehle Wakefield

Owner of Precision Training LLC

Judy Herman

Mitch Benson has been my vet since the late 1980's, first in northern
California and now in southern Oregon. After he left the bay area and moved
here, I found it difficult, if not impossible, to find veterinary care that
encompassed everything his vast knowledge and experi ence provided for the
many horses I keep in my lesson program. I moved here a few years later,
and even today I'm told that his departure more than 11 years ago remains a
continuing problem for the clients he left in the bay area. 
From dental work (he has acquired specialized education on that subject), to
providing necessary maintenance on my numerous geriatric horses, to
handling large and at times resistant patients, Dr. Benson always inspires
confidence, including support and compassion when it's time to let go. His 
advice on pre purchase exams is always spot-on. While I was  a student at
Lilo Fore's Sporthorse America, Mitch handled her breeding operation.
We are very fortunate to have Mitch Benson in our area; I cannot
recommend him highly enough.

What they are saying about Dr. Benson (from Facebook Reviews)

Barbara Gifford - Great knowledgeable compassionate worked with him for 6 years. He is a true individual, same demeanor behind the scenes as in front of a client.  Not sure how to rank but I would say 10 stars.

Deb Yunkherr

Dr. Benson ROCKS! That is all

Susan Jones

He has been my 27 yr old kind Molly mule's Vet for many years. The best!

Anna Allred

The best veterinarian I ever worked with and for. Awesome at everything he does!! Excited for Dr.B and his family!!

Denise Willis

So many great things to say about Dr Bensen !!! He has been amazing with all my horses and helped me tremendously with my pssm horse.

Kristy Kiser Artman

I started using Dr. Benson when I found out he knew our mare Topaz. Actually he knew her before she was here, she was a twin and we joke that he pinched off the wrong twin. Topaz is a challenge and Dr. Benson can handle her with kindness and a quiet demeanor, and has the same ability with all our horses from dentals to injuries. Always answer any questions and his willingness to allow my daughter to look and learn, here recently with a dental we had done.

Cheyenne Giles

From my horses serious injuries to general veterinary care, Mitch has always been my go to vet. I have always been so pleased with his expertise and superior care of and for my horses. From answering questions and checking in post injury, to feeding and exercise programs. He’s always provided top notch care and service. So thankful to have a great vet around to take care of my horses and help them feel their best!

Tracy Savage

Dr Benson is one of the most incredible vets you will ever get the pleasure of working with. 
Knowledgeable, kind, cares about you and your horses! 
And has a great sense of humor. 
I won’t go any place else. Has always taken the best care of my pony’s.

Andy Glazier

Mitch is a wonderful veterinarian, he has been our Doctor for years, in Oregon as well as in California.

Karen D Florey House

Dr Benson explains everything very clearly in treating your animal and he returns your calls!!

Airica Whitney Cornwell

Have known Dr Benson for over 12 years now. His care is superior. Great man and a great veterinarian.

Amanda Anderson

He was the ONLY vet in the Rogue Valley who knew anything about what was wrong with our mini cow. He discovered it was a selenium deficiency and figured out how to scale down the dosage from a horse dose to our micro mini cow and drew up the syringes so we could give her the weekly injections. Saved our precious little special pet.

Kaylah Gilkey

Hands down the BEST Equine vet in the valley! He's very caring, quiet with the horses, and great at explaining things to the owners. You will never be disappointed with Dr Benson!! Not to mention, his tech is pretty amazing herself!

Arlene Dickinson

Absolutely the very best...caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent and incredibly kind!

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