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Veterinarian Services

Wellness exams provide preventative medicine for horses of all ages. They offer the opportunity to monitor the horse’s ongoing health and possibly detect early abnormalities before they become major problems.

Vaccinations are customized for each individual client/patient depending on numerous factors including the patient’s age environment, use, and potential exposure.

Pre-purchase exams protect both buyer and seller. The purpose of the pre-purpose exam is to gather information on the horse’s health and soundness so that the buyer can make an informed decision. 


Routine dental exams are an integral part of a horse’s health and well being. Dr Benson has had extensive training and experience in this area.

Reproductive services can include pre-breeding examinations, artificial insemination, post-foaling examination and neo-natal care of foals. We offer comprehensive care through all aspects of reproductive services. 

Gait evaluations are to determine the soundness level of the horse. Through age and use these conditions can change. Early detection of problems can protect the sound future of the horse.

Coggins tests and certificates of veterinary inspection (Health Certificates) can be required for interstate travel. This testing and certification serves to monitor overall health of the horse population and to notify owners and veterinarians of disease outbreaks.

Horse getting a Colic examination by Mitch Benson DVM Oregon Horse Vet
Veterinarian Services Mitch Benson DVM Oregon Horse Vet
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Preventative Care

  • Wellness Programs

  • Vaccine Clinics

  • Vaccinations

  • Dentistry

Soundness/Lameness Examinations


  • Fresh/Chilled Semen

  • Frozen Semen

  • Foals


  • Laboratory Services

  • Endoscopy-- Gastroscope and Endoscope

  • Ophthalmology (Eyes)

  • Health Certificates and Coggins

Emergency After Hours Services

  • Colic

  • Lacerations

  • Neurological behavior

  • Foaling problems

  • Injuries

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